Neva L. Stotler

Neva L. Stotler

Neva Stotler is head of the Labor and Employment Group at CFWW+S. Her practice is concentrated in the areas of employment, civil rights, and municipal law.

Prior to joining the Firm, Neva spent 14 years at the law firm Campbell, Durrant, Beatty, Palombo & Miller, in Pittsburgh, where she worked to establish a labor and employment law practice focused on the needs of public sector employers across the Commonwealth. She also managed a caseload of employment and civil rights, land use and general tort litigation.

In her practice, Neva represents public and private employers in their daily pursuit to comply with the myriad of labor and employment laws, striking the balance between talent retention and strategically positioning the employer to defend its human resource decisions.

She has litigated employment and civil rights claims in federal and state courts, achieving favorable results for clients, but her practice is driven by collaborative problem solving.  Neva advises clients in thorough strategic planning and making thoughtful decisions before a charge or lawsuit is filed.

Neva defends her clients with loyalty, conviction – and a sense of humor; encouraging them in patience, planning and compassion. She counsels public and private employers on matters of personnel and human resources management in the wake of Title VII, Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and other federal and state workplace legislation. She also conducts employer seminars and training in all areas of human resource management.

Examples of Neva’s experience and achievements include:

  • Developed a comprehensive plan for ADA compliance for a large construction company, including identification of training needs and consultants, and preparation of affirmative action plans.
  • Negotiated and facilitated the creation and location of a first-of-its-kind compressed natural gas facility for a local public transit authority.
  • Developed and executed a plan to resolve multiple accessibility claims under the ADA involving a municipality with large protected historic resources, as well as its business owners.
  • Litigated and, as solicitor, managed defense provided to municipal clients by outside counsel in such diverse matters as RICO, First Amendment, Due Process, Fourth Amendment and other civil rights claims.

Neva is a member of the Allegheny County Bar Foundation; Public Interest Law Fellowship Committee and Loans and Scholarships Committee. She also is an appointed member of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board Hearing Committee and was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania. Neva is a past member of the Allegheny County Mental Health Legal Services Board of Directors, where she served as Board Chair in 2003.